The social network

I just saw a great movie about one of my generations greatest hobbies: facebook! 🙂 Made me think about the beauty of technology…

Me myself I suck at technology and stuff but I can’t help to be fascinated by the progressive time I find myself living in. This is the technological age, the facebook era. I even found myself thinking the other day that human rights and world peace could best be implemented by engineers. I was reading the newspaper about Qaddafi and the happenings in Lybia when we had a break in Physics. All of a sudden the whole class was caught up in a discussion about politics, which might seem far from Physics, but to me it seemed so natural. “Of course,” I said. “Now I know how to create world peace and a climate of human rights, through Physics!” How, one might ask? Well, Lybia is really a hot topic in the world because of its’ shares of oil. As was Iraq. As have many conflicts got aspects of power over energy, someone even said that the conflict between Palestine and Israel has to do with water supplies. When Al Gore won the Nobel peace prize, my mother asked me why, when he is talking about the climate? To me the connection was obvious, when water sources dry up, every last drop of water will be essential and worth fighting for, bringing even more conflict into this torn world. What the children of before who are grown ups today have forgotten is what the Lion King taught us even before we started to care for politics: there is a circle of life. We cannot destroy the circle of life, we have to respect it and develop our technology to best use what mother earth gave us, which doesn’t mean exploiting it. One of todays’ greatest peace questions is that of the energy. That is why I believe in the crucial part of engineers in creating new better technology to solve the question of energy and also peace.

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