Avatāra is sanskrit meaning “descend”. It refers to when gods take the shape of human beigns, as Jesus is said to be the incarnation of God. In terms of science fiction Avatar more or less means “a representation of a person”, hence the name of the popular sci-fi movie. My entry today is a reflection of that same movie…

The movie has a message on many levels, both entering the field of nature and ecology as well as of humanity. Maybe it is because the two are so closely interlinked, fact is that humans cannot survive without nature. The movie, as I see it, is a reflection of colonization and the justification of war through claiming certain resources.

The Na’vi people – the natives in the movie – live in harmony with nature and all living beigns. Even when they kill an animal they do it as peaceful and painless as they can, thanking the animal for giving its life for the well-beign of the Na’vi. The humans – the colonizers – on the other hand, need a subject of energy to take care of the bruised Earth they have left for better luck on Pandora (another planet). Instead of learning from their mistakes on Earth, they try to extract resources in Pandora without any respect of the ecology there, but the Na’vis won’t let that happen. Nore will the Avatars, which are cross overs of humans and Na’vis, controlled by humans.

Although the plot is very predictable and in some ways simple, its message is very complex, as I see it. The message of not exploiting the world and not fighting over resources is something we need to be reminded of every day. Even at breakfast occasional battles over the last piece of ham or whatever may be in your hungry interest take place. And while taking a shower it is easy to forget how precious the fresh water falling on your face is. Sustainability is a complex matter, but a matter of great importance. To me, it is almost like religion. My religion is peace and harmony.

Peace is so much more than the absence of war.

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