I should be sleeping..

..but instead I am awake listening to the beautiful creative people at Musikhjälpen, they amaze me! So many people contributing in so many ways, either by giving money directly or indirectly through putting something they have to auction or by doing something to collect money that they later hand over to Musikhjälpen. When it comes to charity people can be so creative and also so very generous. I wanted to perform as a street musician for a day – suitable for the Music Help cause – but I am unfortunately not feeling very well. Although there are still two days left, maybe I am up to the cause this weekend.. Hmm…

Charity is fun! Sharing is fun! Contributing to a better world is even more fun!

I just want to praise once again all the wonderful people who have contributed to Musikhjälpen, I want to surround myself with people just like you – you make my heart warm in these cold dark times (which are beautiful in their own way). Your creativeness has grown a seed in my heart of hope. I hope to keep up your good work one day, maybe tomorrow?

At least I wished for a song and helped out with some money, I dedicated it to my friends in Karlstad, cause I will always think of you hearing this beautiful tune…

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