Music gets me back on track

This entry I want to praise the Swedish radio programme Musikhjälpen – which means “The Music Help”. The idea is that three people are trapped in a glass house for six days hosting Musikhjälpen while collecting money for charity. You can wish a song and donate an optional amount of money whereas spreading the joy of music and charity at the same time. I believe in bringing a joyful aspect to helping, instead of being overwhelmed of all the tragedy in the world, as you can be when faced with people who need help and charity. I believe that you will achieve so much more with a smile on your lips than with tears on your cheeks. Of course I think you should have compassion with the people whom you aim to help, but it is important to help with a joyful heart and have a source of happiness where you can find the strength to keep on doing good deeds. I love helping out but sometimes life is overwhelming, and then a few days a year Musikhjälpen helps me get back on track again.

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