International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

This time of year in Sweden it is very dark and cold. In the darkness of despair, snow falls and illuminates the night and the cloudy days. The snow brings peace and quiet to my frozen soul. When I gather with my family at Christmas Eve and drink hot chocolate and do nothing but spend time with them, I feel truly blessed and there is nowhere I would rather be. In that moment I feel eternal peace and harmony and love. So much love for life and for our beautiful world. I wish to extend that moment all over the world and include all my fellow brothers and sisters in my celebration of life – because that is what Christmas means to me.

Today I light a candle in dark times, not only in Sweden, but in the lives of Palestinian people. I light a candle of hope and solidarity in your name. May peace fall upon you as driftly as the snow on the streets of Sweden; and cover your anguished souls and blood drenched streets; and that no candles will be necessary any more…

This Swedish Christmas song makes my message clearer: Light a candle and let it burn, don’t ever lose hope, it looks dark now, but it will become lighter again.

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