Equality equals peace?

I was very sad to read that Palestinian prisoners have been tortured in their own prisons (http://tinyurl.com/3xq7mmj); in my view, it brings a new dimension to the peace process in Palestine-Israel. As I see it, peace is a matter of human rights, meaning equality and respect for every human beign. War is always – correct me if I’m wrong – a fight over power, whether it is the power to rule or to have. The power is then abused, the two (or more) sides don’t treat eachother as equals, with the equal right to live and to wellbeing. It is as simple and as hard as to respect eachothers’ human rights, many times.

Human rights is acting on the beautiful words great thinkers have repeated through the history of mankind. We can’t just talk about equality, we need to act in the name of equality. When someone is tortured, he/she has no power and is not being treated as an equal to the one who tortures him/her. In some sense it is like making war on a small scale, one individual on another. Or rather abusing, though the victim has no power to defend himself/herself.

As I see it, Israel abuse their power against the Palestinian, who have little power to defend themselves. But how can Abbas defend the Palestinian position as an occupied, violated nation when he uses the same dirty tools against his own? Of course every nation has its’ dubble standards, but in a peace process it is important to have peace at home before there shall be peace in the streets.

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