Taking side for peace

When I talk about Israel-Palestine, I don’t mean to take side for anything else but peace. At the moment though, Israel has most power in the conflict and Palestinian are oppressed, not only in Gaza, but in the West Bank, in Israel (only jewish as I understand it have full citizenship), but also in the Arab countries surrounding where they fled during the early wars. For that reason I chose to support Palestinian in there struggle for peace, while I condemn terror and antisemitism – ironically both jews and arabs are semitic, to be correct.

I believe the Israel-Palestine conflict isn’t only a question of bombing, but of discrimination and violation of human rights, that is why I take action for the palestinian rights. Next weekend KRF – a christian peace organization in Sweden – will hold a course enlightening how power relations and social categories – as class, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation – create violence. In the same way I believe that power relations can create peace, if they create equal opportunities in life and a society of tolerance and respect.

Mahnaz Afkhami, who spoke on the HR-days in Örebro, talked about changing the architecture of human relations. As I understand it, she criticised the patriarchal power relations, meaning they should be exchanged into equal power relations. The point as I see it, is that patriarchal power relations mean men oppress women, in the same way the Palestinian are oppressed by Israeli army. I take part for the oppressed in the spirit of equality and the belief that every person is born free and equal.

Palestinian are born free, but where is there freedom now?

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