Reflections on HR-days in Örebro

Sometimes I feel I am only writing, not contributing to human rights. After two days of human rights promotion in Örebro, my heart can have some rest.  Of course I didn’t do a great deal, I simply participated, helped out by volunteering and showed my support for human rights – whoever the human beign may be (it is not as obvious as it may seem). But I think this is also important, to exchange experiences, to learn how we can make a change. To make a change we need a forum where ideas from all over the world can meet. As far as I know Iran, China, Palestine, Nigeria, Nicaragua, EU, USA, India, Belarus and more were represented in one form or another. Also the great diversity within Sweden was to be seen. Above all, the people who has seen human rights violations – meaning they have not looked away from the reality of things – and still managed to laugh and smile, encouraged me to continue the struggle for human rights.

As you understand, there was a great spread of ideas and thoughts on human rights, but there was common ground to stand on, to stand together. Our common ground is that everyone on the convent agreed that we face great challenges in human rights struggles, but there is still hope; keeping in mind that the UN declaration on human rights is only 60 years old, we – mankind – have achieved alot, knowing there is alot more to be achieved.

I especially address my gratefulness to the inspiratory ex-minister of equality in Iran Mahnaz Akfkhami who was very humble and joyful in her speech of changing the architecture of human relations; as well as doctor Erik Fosse who operated in Gaza during the war 2008 and who’s words made me realise even more about the hardships of the palestinian people.  

Thank you for this opportunity to new inspiration and hope!

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