Abused power

Power is often perceived as something negative and I can see why..

Khaled Said was killed by the police in Egypt the 6th of June 2010. Off the record Khaled was killed for the possesion of a video that showed the police participating in drug dealing. Although, whatever the reason may be for the brutal killing, it all comes down to abuse of power and in turn the abuse of human rights. Max Weber coined the term “monopoly on violence” which refers to the states’ legitimate use of violence on the citizens, referring mainly to the police force. By these means, the state always has more power than the individual which may seem wrong.

Maybe Webers’ theory isn’t the best way of positive input on the term “power”, since violence is never perceived as something great. But put it this way: the state has the power to use, BUT also to not use violence. They have the choice of how they want to use their power and their police force. The nation states have the power to respect or disrespect the human rights. They have the power to establish laws that protect the human rights and, in the case of Khaled Saids’ perpetrators, to condemn abuse of power. In that way power could be used in a positive way, by respecting the individuals in the state – a great gesture of respect for life and human nature.

It’s not power that’s bad, it’s the abuse of it…

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