Dear Mrs. Clinton,

You speak about young Palestinian people trapped in Gaza, that…

“… they are focused on tomorrow. And they deserve that tomorrow – a tomorrow filled with opportunities for them to make their own destinies and to help their own people realize that collective aspiration,”

Abed Al Hadi Basheer has done everything in his power to make his own destiny, but Israel makes it impossible for him to pursue his dream by his own means. He has been accepted into Washington State University’s College of Education Cultural Studies and Social Thought program in Pullman, which makes one believe that he has it all worked out, but that is sadly not the case. He has had one interview for visa application at the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem, but he was required to collect evidence, documents, to show he would return to Gaza after his studies. He went back to Gaza and collected the evidence, but now he can’t make it to his second interview due to the Israelian blockade of Gaza. Your consulate can but is unwilling to help him, refering to the resources they put down to make sure he could get to his first interview. I call upon you to demand your consulate in Jerusalem to help Abed facilitate his exit permit so he can reach his second interview for his U.S. visa application on the 8th of November. And while you’re at it, you might just mention the other students in the same situation as Abed so that your consulate helps them also to reach their respective interviews. And while you’re at that, you might just make it into policy for your consulate to help all the students from the Gaza strip to reach the goal line, bearing in mind they have run a marathon on their own already.

For you it’s only a call, for Abed and his fellow students it’s a whole destiny;

Yours sincereley,
Terèse Loodin-Ek

If you’d like to post this to Secretary Hillary Clinton, you are welcome to copy my letter and e-mail it to her directly on . Remember to sign with your own name.

If you wan’t to find out more about Abeds’ case and how you can help in other ways, read Amnestys’ blog on the subject

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