From words to action

Watch your thoughts;
they become words.

Watch your words;
they become action.

Watch your actions;
they become habits.

Watch your habits;
they become character.

Watch your character;
for it becomes your destiny.

– Upanishads

Today I went to a meeting for volunteers for the Human Rights days in Örebro, Sweden. It was really nice to see so many Human Rights activist in the same room, it filled my heart with peace and harmony. But at the same time it lit my fire inside, it makes me feel alive at the same time as impatient about the worldly situation. This years’ theme is “From words to action”, something I really feel I need to be reminded of, sometimes it feels like I have been cursed with too many cares – but today was all about the blessing that we can make a change! As the wise words above reminds us – our thoughts form our actions and in turn our destiny. But sometimes the blessing really is a curse, I get so engaged that I shake from the thought of all the ways I could improve the world. Fortunately, when I was all absent-minded and filled with engagement, waiting for the train from Örebro to Karlstad, I stumbled across a Yoga magazine and I just had to buy it (that is where I found my introduction for todays’ entry). But it didn’t take long before I found an ad for a yoga festival that would take place soon and I got all excited again…

Anyhow, I believe it is really important to learn methods for relaxation, it is necessary to find inner peace and patience to continue although results sometimes don’t show.

Remember the fire causes the embers, but the embers glow longer than the fire…

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