Life is damn unfair

“Tell me something new!” I imagine you screaming now. But sorry, I am not going to tell you something new, really my blog is not about something new, but about reminding about something that you just can’t really forget.

Like that people are starving, but you have food on your plate. Like that people die from diarrhea, while you just call in sick from work and enjoy a free day. Like that people lose their mothers in childbirth before even getting to know them, while you were born in a nice clean hospital and were a gift not an economical burden. Like that people go to bed not knowing if they’ll wake up next morning, while you get worried about the same thing but referring to your alarm.

Most of all I just want to remind you that you’re too damn lucky to even be able to read this blog! I imagine you’re sitting nicely in your chair, listening to some music, drinking a cup of tea, enjoying that feeling of commitment for world justice and peace tickeling your neck…

But what if…

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