Weighing my thoughts

Sometimes I ask myself why I care so much about values and thoughts of people surrounding me, why I pick every battle against inequality and injustice I come by? I ask myself, is ONE teenie weenie thought worth so much of my time and arguing (given that I am that richeous myself, which I really hope, but don’t claim that, I am)?

I recently read an opinion piece on how degrading values about women lead to violence against women. It took me somewhat off guard. Is it that simple? Or really, that hard – keeping in mind how unwilling to revalidate people can be? I ask myself, is there a direct link between thinking or maybe even claiming someone to be a whore and thinking she has herself to blame for being raped? Is there a direct link between machism and domestic violence, whereas showing the women her right place, “below the man”? Or am I mad for even thinking that?

There is no doubt in my mind that thoughts and values do lead to action, good and bad. The only thing I am not sure about is exactly how they’re interlinked. Most likely I’ll never know because it is very difficult to find out exactly what people think; I mean, do we even know our own inner thoughts?

With the conviction that thoughts are powerful, I can never be indifferent to the values of people around me or even on the other side of the world. In the same spirit, I daily challenge myself to think outside of my box, see past my prejudices and preconceptions, to be as richeous as possible in my acts against my fellow sisters and brothers.

A thought is never simply a thought. Thoughts initiate processes of actions at the same time as they are the fruit of other actions and thoughts. A muslim friend once told me that her biggest Jihad was the one against herself, because it is where all evil and good begins. Ransacking your own thoughts and the thoughts around you equals planting a seed for a better society to bloom.

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