Silver or lead?

So much innocent blood flows on the streets of México. No more welcome to Tijuana.

I watch one hour of no hope. A BBC documentary commented in Swedish by someone who has difficulty pronouncing Spanish names. There is blood so thick you can almost feel it through the screen. Music from a car still playing through bullet holes in the front window. Policemen denying any evidence that could prepare them for the same destiny.

The informal president is also the most wanted man in México. Economy and hope fluctuates as the substances in young western blood. Power, order and market has shifted in the direction of the drug cartels, creating an illusion of legitimacy of the illegitimate.

Everyday life is war in Juárez, México. Every breath can be your last. Every drop of blood could belong to someone beloved. It’s better then to not see, go blind at the sight of crime. Because here you only obey under one law: “la plata o el plomo”. Two metals; silver being money and lead being what punctures your lung and further your speech…

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