Racing against time for Human Rights

Locke wrote in the 18th century that every man had the right to his/her life, freedom, health and property. But still, three hundred years later people are not free in the obscurity of  CIA:s secret prisons, peoples’ life are taken by the law in Iran, irregular immigrants’ health isn’t taken in consideration in Sweden, peoples’ land and homes has to give way to new Chinese dams.

Open your history book, and you must agree with Marx that every new economical era creates new kinds of oppression. First the economic of slaves in Greece, followed by the feudal systems of European agriculture and now Asian employees creating clothes they couldn’t dream of affording themselves.

Maybe we have evolved, maybe we now have collected our beliefs in a UN Convention of Human Rights. But not only the solutions have developed, the problems have as well. It is a constant race between good and bad that I sometimes think we’ll never win.

And maybe we can’t win against the powers of human nature, the fact that not only the cliché of the evil person who steps on anyone to get wherever he wants, but we ourselves rely on an economy of inequality to afford the lives we live.

But maybe we can win for someone somewhere. Maybe we can win Dawit Isaaks freedom. Maybe we can win one girls’ education in Afghanistan. Maybe we can win one innocent womans’ innocence before Sharia law. Maybe we can win one love between a Saudi Arabian homosexual couple. Maybe we can win one humanitarian abortion in Nicaragua. It seems to me we have more to win than to lose.

Even if you just save ONE – maybe one life is worth another lifes’ work…

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